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Custom Synthesis
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LigandChiral, as a leading innovation-driven contract research and manufacturing organization for pharmaceutical industries with operation in the USA, has been committed to expedite our customer’s R&D and manufacturing in a time and cost effective manner.

LigandChiraloffers asymmetric custom synthesis services and analytical services mainly in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. Our services support research in the pharmaceutical, chemical industries and academia all over the world.LigandChiralis expertise in the development and production of pure enantiomers, we can identify and scale up the asymmetric technology that best suits your compound from early stage to commercial production.

Ø High quality specialty chemicals

Ø Long term focus in catalyst, ligands and chiral chemistry

Ø Rapid customer service-usually our customer will get a quote in 24 hours

Ø New products and proprietary technologies

Ø Quality control-NMR, HPLC, MS, etc.


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